Enterprise Resource Planning

Cash-In produces its software solutions for enterprise resource planning with DL Software Group’s own DL Prime software suite, which manages, among other things, accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping, payroll and reporting.

The software is adaptable, and can, depending on the needs of the customer, for example include systems for cash registers, online shops and warehouses. The customers can choose to manage the cash register and the online shop themselves while outsourcing invoicing, accounts payable and bookkeeping to Cash-In. Since all systems work within the same software suite, information is passed on in real time and is available to all parties simultaneously.

The customer does not need separate servers, but can instead use our cloud service DL Server Hosting. Using our hosting service gives the customer direct access to the ERP-software, even when the financial management has been outsourced completely! This way the customer gets information in real time and can for example print reports themselves when they need them.

DL Business Intelligence allows the customers to follow developments in their businesses. The mobile service is available at any time and in any place, and its content is tailor made to fit the needs of the individual customer. The service gathers data from all DL Prime databases, and uses the relevant statistics to display the information visually. The result is an analysis and comparison that is as easy and fast as possible!