Debt Collection Services

Cash-In has offered its customers professional debt collection services for 30 years, and we pride ourselves on our history of speeding up cash flow and decreasing credit losses.

Cash-In offers the following in payment reminder and debt collection services

  • A trustworthy business partner
  • Personal and friendly customer support for both creditors and debtors
  • An easy to use Online-service, where cases can be followed at any time and in any place
  • Highly developed integration with systems for financial management, so that sending an invoice to debt collection and receiving payments is as effortless as possible
  • Pricing that is based upon the actual work that has been done, with no annual fees

Payment Reminder Services

Through our payment reminder services, Cash-In offers businesses an effective alternative to handling payment reminders in-house. Read more...

Voluntary Debt Collection

A critical component of the management of a successful business is an efficiently handled and timely begun collection of overdue invoices. Rear more...

Debt Collection by Legal Procedure

It is possible to collect debts through legal procedures if voluntary collection is unsuccessful. Read more...


Post-collection prevents expiration and increases chances of payment when a debtor has been found to have no income or property that can be seized for payment of the debt. Read more...

Legal Services

Our lawyer handles negotiations, applications for summons and potential trials in disputed cases. Read more...

International Collection

International debt collection is required if the debtor is located abroad. Read more...