22.02.2016 16:02

New Features in the Online-service

Last spring Cash-In introduced the new Online-service, and the response from our customers has been very positive. Our work developing the platform does not end here, and our customers can already enjoy the following new features:

  • Debt collection reports are easily accessible to the customer and stored in the attachments section of the Online-service.
  • Customers can follow the debt collection process, including specific measures taken, and can send messages regarding their cases directly to the Cash-In customer service.
  • Accounting reports can be accessed through the Accounting application in the Online-service, which the customer’s accountant can be given direct access to. Using the service, the accountant can find all the reports from, for example, a specific month.

The newest addition to the Online-service is a credit information service, which customers can use to quickly and easily check the credit worthiness and the contact information of his or her own customers. Checking the credit information of the customer before selling on credit is a good way to decrease risk.

Another new feature is the Online Invoicing-service, which allows the customer to create and send out invoices quickly and easily. The user simply provides the information included in the invoice; Cash-In takes care of the mailing of the invoice, supervises and received payments, transfers them to the user and, if so needed, takes care of reminders and collection.

If you wish to start using some of the new features or services, please leave your information here and our customer service will contact you shortly.