22.09.2017 11:09

Cash-In Wants to Help You Keep Your Customer Register Up-to-Date

According to the current Personal Data Act and the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect in May 2018, businesses have an obligation to keep their personal data register up-to-date. The new regulation will bring along many changes to all who handle personal data. There is almost always personal data within billing information, such as an address. If a company’s address includes a contact person’s information, this is also considered personal data. 

A registrar has an obligation to keep its customer register up-to-date under both the existing and new legislation. If the information changes, registrars must inform the parties that the information was received from or disclosed to. Because of this, Cash-In informs its debt collector clients of the changes in their customers’ contact information, if that occurs during the debt collection process. The debt collector client is also obliged to inform Cash-In of such changes.

As soon as Cash-In has informed its client of the updated address, it’s the registrar’s obligation to update their own customer register. This is not only an obligation but something that makes your business easier. Eventually, an up-to-date customer register improves your business’ chances to succeed and makes the debt collection process more effective. 

If you want to check your private customers’ personal data in the Population Information System, it’s easy to do that via the Cash-In Online service. If you do not yet have the Online Credit Information service in use, please send us your contact information and one of our salesmen will contact you. (These services are only in Finnish and Swedish.)