If You've Received a Letter

If you leave your invoice unpaid we will first send you a payment reminder. By law, the invoicing company or the debt collection company handling the reminder has a right to charge 5 euro for the payment reminder when the debtor is considered a consumer. The reminder fee is to be paid along with the original debt.

The payment reminder should be paid on its due date, at the latest. If you are unable to do this, you should immediately contact Cash-In to negotiate a payment plan or an extension.

If you leave the payment reminder unpaid, the debt will be transferred to voluntary debt collection. This means that you will receive a demand for payment from us. Once you receive a demand for payment, you should pay the debt immediately or contact Cash-In. Leaving a demand for payment unpaid usually leads to Cash-In initiating legal action to secure payment of the debt. A court ruling will leave you with a non-payment record in your credit information, which will make it difficult to obtain credit for several years.

You can contact us by phone, email or by using our form. You can find our contact information here.