Debt Collection by Legal Procedure

If  after receiving our demand for payment you haven't paid your debt or contacted us to agree upon a payment plan, we may take the matter to the district court to get a legally binding payment order. When the application for a summons has been sent in, you will be charged the legal fees for the application and the court procedure.

The district court will summon you by mail, phone or by having a public official notify you of the summons personally. It is still possible to pay the debt in full after having been notified by the district court, in order to avoid a non-payment record in your credit information. If you have been notified of a summons and you want to settle your affairs, you should contact Cash-In immediately!

A ruling from the district court leads to a non-payment record in your credit information. The Enforcement Authority can, following a court ruling, seize salaries, other income or property for payment of the debt.