About us

Cash-In Consulting was founded in 1985 as a specialist on debt management and financial management services. We offer our clients services in claim management, finance and financial administration, for which we use software solutions developed within the DL Software Group.

Our goal is to be a true partner in all areas of our clients’ businesses. We have decades of experience in the various models and processes of financial administration, and can provide tailor made solutions for not only management of cash flows and wages, but also for various kinds of payments and financing through Cash-In Finance. We help our clients achieve success!

The benefits for our clients are achieved through a combination of professional expertise, decades of experience, well-developed software solutions and personal customer service. We are a member of the Association of Finnish Debt Collection Firms as well as the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Cash-In Consulting became a part of the Nordic Confirma Software corporate group in 2019.

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Confirma Software is a fast-growing Nordic software group whose companies provide versatile software and special solutions to their customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. These companies’ strong market position, continuous product development, and close cooperation ensure access to modern tools for business development for their thousands of customers.

The Group’s core business is built on supporting companies’ critical functions with various types of business software and related services. Confirma Software’s product portfolio includes ERP and quality management systems, financial and payroll management software, as well as various cash register systems and mobile payment solutions. www.confirmasoftware.com




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